Sing With Us


The FVS welcomes without audition residents of 
Fearrington Village,  Galloway Ridge, and nearby areas who can 
read music or learn by ear.

Dues cover expenses for music and professional staff and are $125 per semester. 

The women rehearse on Mondays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in The Gathering Place, and the men rehearse at the same time on Thursdays. Women’s sectional rehearsals usually take place on Thursday afternoons and men’s on Monday afternoons. Joint rehearsals take place on either Monday or Thursday afternoons during the regular rehearsal times as concert dates approach. While the singers take their rehearsal commitments seriously, they also enjoy the conviviality of an afternoon of music making.

Why Sing?

Music is awash with neurochemical rewards for working up the courage to sing. That rush, or “singer’s high,” comes in part through a surge of endorphins. Music also releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of euphoria and contentment. In a 2005 study, investigators found that group singers experienced these benefits even when the sound produced by the vocal instrument is of mediocre quality.

While any singing has rewards, there are reasons you should find a choir rather than simply singing in the shower. Studies have found that group singing releases oxytocin, a chemical that manages anxiety and stress, and enhances feelings of trust and bonding. So singing might be our most perfect drug; the ultimate mood regulator - lowering rates of anxiety, depression and loneliness, while at the same time amplifying happiness and joy, with no discernible, unpleasant side effe
-condensed from Stacy Horn, on’s Culturebox blog

Interested but Not Sure?

One way to 'test the waters' with no obligation is to attend one of our rehearsals and see for yourself what it's like.  We can arrange for you to come to an all-men or all-women rehearsal with our music director, or a full rehearsal with all of the singers.  You can simply observe, or if you want to participate, we'll partner you with one of our singers and have you sing along with us.

Drop us an email at and we'll work with your schedule to set it up!