Our new Fearrington Village Singers logo conveys our message: we sing together joyfully, we honor those who have sung before us, and we welcome those who will sing with us in the future.

Careful and extensive research revealed that the Harmony Grits started it all off in 1990 when a group of men began singing together. Their music was so inspiring that, not to be outdone, a group of women formed in 1992 to sing together under the banner of the Village Voices.

Examination of past programs showed evidence of MUCH music being enjoyed in and around the Village for many years. The Barn was the perfect venue – except when the music was drowned out by rain hitting the tin roof! Historical program records indicated that in 1998 the two groups began regularly singing together under the name “Fearrington Village Singers.” Hence, we are calling 1998 the year of our founding.

By 2018, the merger of the Harmony Grits and the Village Voices was complete – with Bylaws and shared leadership. Today, the Fearrington Village Singers has members whose combined musical experience is incomparable in the area surrounding Fearrington Village. Rehearsing together by gender, in small groups, and jointly, the Singers present our biannual concerts to standing ovations at Galloway Ridge Chapin Auditorium.

We, the Board, in celebration of our 25th Jubilee Year, 2023, proudly unveil our new logo!

Our new logo was designed by Singer Kristen Skipper.


 This chair resides on the Fearrington Cares patio and commemorates Fearrington Village Singers chorus members 
who have passed away. 
This memorial project began two years ago
 and evolved to include a set of chairs with plaques 
from other Fearrington organizations and individuals. 
Thanks especially to Linda Patterson for her leadership.

Inspiration from Matt!

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, WI; Milwaukee Art Museum, 2014
Dr. Gary R. Schwartzhoff, conductor


performed live by Octarium
Octarium performs Daniel Gawthrop's "Sing Me to Heaven" live at the Listener's Choice concert
February 2011 - Krista Lang Blackwood, artistic director

How Singing Influences Our Health

The Fearrington Village Singers want to share the following benefits of singing—whether you sing in the shower or want to join us in the fall (if the pandemic allows). Experts recommend singing for at least 5 minutes daily, equating the benefits with that of physical exercise.  (Adapted from AdiDisha Yoga.)

·       Singing communicates to the body the “right” vibes that increase our vitality

·       When singing, special chemicals release in the human brain that help us feel peace and joy

·       Singing improves blood circulation in the throat area, which has a beneficial effect on vocal cords, tonsils, and numerous lymph nodes in the throat—and therefore significantly increases local immunity (in other words, we rarely catch colds)

·       Singing improves the blood supply, which leads to brain activity intensification—the brain starts working more intensely, memory improves, any information is easier to perceive

·       Singing is very useful for lung diseases, as it creates respiratory gymnastics that promote the development of chest and proper breathing, while significantly reducing the number of acute lung conditions

·       With regular singing, the level of immunoglobulin and hydrocortisone, which are signs of good immunity, increase in the body

·       Singing has led to methods that treat stuttering and help improve diction

·       Singing is used even in the fight against obesity—when nourished people still feel hunger pangs, singing two or three songs instead of eating helps to alleviate the urge to eat

·       Singing improves blood supply in the head and generally rejuvenates the body, improving skin condition