The Board has decided to suspend rehearsals in January as we watch how the current situation unfolds. 

We will meet later in January to consider the options available to us at that time and will communicate our decision to club members.  

While we are all frustrated and disappointed about not singing together in January, let’s make the most of these 

Happy Holidays,

David, Kathryn, Larry, Tom, and Vince



While the Second Annual Talent Show passes into history with the warm appreciation of the Fearrington Village Singers, the creative talent of club members is scarcely touched.  Featured next is Sally Bird, an Alto1, who has been playing alto sax with the Ambassadors Jazz Band for about ten years. The URLs below captures the band appearing at Southern Village and Roadhouse in Pittsboro; Sally is the second person from the right on the first row 


About the band.  Based in Chapel Hill and directed by Larry Triplett, this “swing era” Big Band features 17 instrumentalists and 2 vocalists who perform the arrangements of renowned bands led by Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton, and many others. 


Click on Sally and the Ambassadors Jazz Band. The #1 hit in 1942, “Jersey Bounce” has ties to Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, and Ella Fitzgerald.  The Ambassadors played this version on Sept. 23, 2019 at Southern Village:


Johnny Smith wrote one of the greatest guitar rock songs, “Walk, Don’t Run” in 1954—a song made famous by The Ventures in 1960. At the Pittsboro Roadhouse, the Ambassador Jazz Band played this rendition of the Quincy Jones instrumental version arranged for the Basie band:


Please let the Board know about talents that you would like to share on Zoom.

Fearrington Village Singers Holiday Social

Who: Members Plus One

When: Thursday, December 2

Time: 1:30-3:30ish

Where: Jordan Lake, Seaforth Day Use Access, Picnic Shelter 9--see map below

Cost: Free!

RSVP:  If you have not already responded or your plans have changed, please RSVP to Sara
Hulme: or 252-864-8899

More Information:

Activities: Schmoozing, Snacking, Holiday Sing-a-Long with Matt Fry conducting. Further details about musical numbers to follow.

Together we will sing

    I Saw Three Ships - SATB - arranged by Brian Lewis, sung in 2008
    On a December Night - SATB - by Jay Althouse - sung in 2018
    We Need a Little Christmas - SATB - arranged by Mark Hayes - sung in 2018

Refreshments: Hot beverages and holiday cookies as well as soft drinks, Ice, and utensils will be provided. There will be a roaring fire, but still dress warmly.

What else to bring? There are plenty of picnic tables and benches under the shelter, but you can bring soft cushions or folding chairs if you want.

Restrooms are available on site.

Sopranos and Altos: Please bring your favorite light appetizers to share.

Basses: Please come at 1:15 to help with set up.

Baritones and Tenors: Please stay for a few minutes afterwards to help with clean up.

Safety: There is plenty of outdoor space for social distancing. The board requests that all attendees be fully vaccinated.  Masks are optional.


Seaforth Shelter 9, Pittsboro, NC on Google Maps


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Inspiration from Matt!

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, WI; Milwaukee Art Museum, 2014
Dr. Gary R. Schwartzhoff, conductor

performed live by Octarium
Octarium performs Daniel Gawthrop's "Sing Me to Heaven" live at the Listener's Choice concert
February 2011 - Krista Lang Blackwood, artistic director


~ ~ ~ Coming Attractions ~ ~ ~


October            Watch for emails with links to online choral concerts
November 4     4:00 PM ~~~ Matt Fry sings and plays via Zoom
 December 6    Talent Show via Zoom! Performances by Matt, Vera, Gina, and 
                                 a host of Fearrington Village Singers


 January 6        Rehearsals begin for Spring Concert
 May                 Spring Concert TBA


Fearrington Village Singers Fall Social

Who:        Members (Plus One)

When:      Thursday, September 30th

Time:        3:00 to 5:30ish 

Where:     Jordan Lake, Seaforth Day Use Access, Picnic Shelter 9

                        See Map Below

RSVP:      By September 20th to Sara Hulme:



 🎵  Singing Together! Matt Fry conducting

          Lullaby of Broadway/42nd St.  Distributed to FVS active singers in Spring 2020 

          Calypso Lullaby.  Sung in Fall 2018 and  Fall 2013 

          Thank You for the Music. Last sung in 2012

🎵  Activities: Schmoozing, Snacking, Singing, Update from the Board

🎵  Refreshments: Soft drinks, ice, water, plastic glasses, utensils, and paper plates provided.

🎵  What else to bring?  There are plenty of picnic tables and benches under the shelter. Feel free to bring soft cushions or folding chairs. 

🎵  Restrooms are available on site.

🎵  Sopranos and Altos: Please bring your favorite light appetizers to share. 

🎵  Basses: Please come at 2:45 to help with set up.

🎵  Baritone and Tenor Sections: Please stay afterwards to help with clean up. 

🎵  Safety: There is plenty of outdoor space for social distancing. The Board requests that all attendees be fully vaccinated.  Masks are optional.





Seaforth Shelter 9, Pittsboro, NC on Google Maps



How Singing Influences Our Health

The Fearrington Village Singers want to share the following benefits of singing—whether you sing in the shower or want to join us in the fall (if the pandemic allows). Experts recommend singing for at least 5 minutes daily, equating the benefits with that of physical exercise.  (Adapted from AdiDisha Yoga.)

·       Singing communicates to the body the “right” vibes that increase our vitality

·       When singing, special chemicals release in the human brain that help us feel peace and joy

·       Singing improves blood circulation in the throat area, which has a beneficial effect on vocal cords, tonsils, and numerous lymph nodes in the throat—and therefore significantly increases local immunity (in other words, we rarely catch colds)

·       Singing improves the blood supply, which leads to brain activity intensification—the brain starts working more intensely, memory improves, any information is easier to perceive

·       Singing is very useful for lung diseases, as it creates respiratory gymnastics that promote the development of chest and proper breathing, while significantly reducing the number of acute lung conditions

·       With regular singing, the level of immunoglobulin and hydrocortisone, which are signs of good immunity, increase in the body

·       Singing has led to methods that treat stuttering and help improve diction

·       Singing is used even in the fight against obesity—when nourished people still feel hunger pangs, singing two or three songs instead of eating helps to alleviate the urge to eat

·       Singing improves blood supply in the head and generally rejuvenates the body, improving skin condition